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Whitetail Bicycles

Happy Monday! Let's talk bikes today! If you live in North Fulton, you've certainly noticed the abundance of cyclists we have zipping around town. My two youngest love seeing them on the roads and like waving to them when we spot them. I enjoy seeing them as well and I'm always impressed by their stamina on these hills! Today, you're meeting Shaune Huysamen, the owner of Whitetail Bicycles in downtown Crabapple. Not only does this perfectly located shop service and sell bikes, they also have coffee AND beer. Are you kidding?! You can just walk right in, grab some coffee and have a seat on their cozy couches for a chat with a buddy. It really is a special spot.

Before I go any further, I should say that every small business owner I have met has such a neat story of how they began and how fate just stepped in; with everything just falling into place. The start of Whitetail Bicycles is another one of these stories. Shaune is originally from Cape Town, South Africa and moved to Milton 21 years ago. About 5 years ago the property on the corner of Mid Broadwell and Mayfield was on the market. Shaune's mom is actually the one who noticed it and called him to say, "there's a cute little building for rent in downtown Crabapple" and followed that call with a text of the property. Shaune tells me that within about 30 minutes, the owner of the property had at least 12 people to inquire about the space. He ends up spending an entire day with the owner and at the end of their meeting is told, "Shaune, I'm going to sell to you". How incredible! The fact that the property owner had so many inquiries and potential opportunities to sell, but chose Shaune. The cyclist had dreams of opening a coffee shop in his new space; however, decided to add in bikes and beer as well. Who can turn down coffee, bikes AND beer? Five years later the business is booming so I'd say the answer to that question is...not many people can say no to coffee, bikes and beer. In fact, Shaune says one of the best decisions he's ever made has been leaving corporate America so he can be on site at Whitetail Bicycles full time.

Shaune told me that the start of COVID he was very unsure of how things would go for his small business. Knowing that if he had to shut his doors for only a month, he'd likely have to close indefinitely. However, he was pleasantly surprised that bike stores were deemed a necessity and business nearly tripled. What a blessing for Whitetail Bicyles! As for his desired superpower? Shaune would love to be able to read minds. (In fact, that is a great idea. I'd love to be able to read my teenagers' minds, that's for certain.) Whitetail Bicycles hosts a lot of rides out of the store. Many cyclists come from all over North Fulton to meet up and ride along our beautiful roads. If you'd like to join in on a ride, just head over to their website for information on when the next ride leaves from Downtown Crabapple. Also, if you're a resident of North Fulton and NOT a cyclist, remember to keep safety and patience in mind when you're behind a group or individual cyclist. You can read safety information on the City Of Milton website but for a quick quide please keep these points in mind: In GA every surface street is a bike lane unless noted otherwise. In addition, cyclists NEVER have to ride single file. It's actually much safer for them not to when in a group ride. So go easy and be patient. These ladies and gentlemen know and abide by the laws; we just need to slow down for them. I enjoyed visiting Whitetail Bicycles and getting a bit of history on the why and how from owner Shaune Huysamen. Please stop by to see for yourself. Have a coffee (or a beer!) and shake hands with Shaune. I promise he will help with all of your cycling needs; from great routes, to service, parts and new gear. And let's be sure to take care of our cycling neighbors. Slow down, give them space and educate yourself, and especially your teen drivers, on cyclist safety. You can find Whitetail Bicycles FACEBOOK page here: Whitetail Bicycles on FB The INSTAGRAM PAGE IS HERE: Whitetail Bicycles on IG And their address is: 770 Mid Broadwell Road

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