• Melissa Gibson

The Union Restaurant

Today I'm introducing you to Sloan and Amanda Frost of The Union Restaurant.

HOORAY!!! This yummy spot is my family's absolute favorite place! Chances are? It's one of your favorites as well. And if you haven't stopped in yet, what are you waiting for?! Sloan and Amanda are probably the cutest and happiest couple you ever did see. The two have lived in Alpharetta their entire lives and met in high school. Amanda tells me "We both thought each other was pretty neat". Sloan was a true gentleman and asked Amanda's brother if he could ask her out on a date. Guess what? Her brother said no. Seven years later, Sloan walked into The Union and the rest, as they say, is history. The two dated, became engaged, married and now have two of the cutest little blonde-headed little ones, Ford and Dorothy. I'm glad you didn't give up, Sloan. ;)

Covid was definitely an interesting time for The Union. The two tell me that decided to

"...keep our heads down and our spirits up. We went week by week and we knew everything could change on a drop. Each week we just tried to do what seemed best for our staff and our community and some really cool things came out of it."

Sloan and Amanda built and opened an outside bar and seating area. The staff began preparing twice as many to-go orders as they had in the past. The couple is so very grateful for their amazing staff as well as their customers who keep coming back again and again. As for their superpowers of choice, Amanda would like a fresh order of the ability to heal the mind, the body and the soul. Sloan could use the power of moving things with his mind. This would certainly come in handy when he's working that bar.

So listen, if you haven't tried this spot, I promise you that you will LOVE it. This spot has become the Cheers of North Milton. If you stop in, tell them The Gibsons sent you. And be ready to add The Union to your list of favorite restaurants. You can visit them online here: The Union Restaurant Like their FB page here: FACEBOOK

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