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The Hair Tour

A week or so ago I met one of the sweetest and most adorable stylists in town! I headed over to meet Victoria, owner of The Hair Tour, and instantly loved her and her husband Dontaye. So today? Meet Victoria and Dontaye Young...

"I have loved doing hair for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I loved styling my family and friend's hair."

After Victoria completed cosmetology school, she worked at a few salons but none where she felt “at home”. She eventually branched off and started a mobile business. That way, she was able to visit clients in their homes, but it still felt like something was missing in her career. Victoria and Dontaye spoke about their next steps and decided to open up their own salon space. Of course, they were both pretty worried because they are parents to two little ones and they knew exactly how difficult being business owners could be. They didn’t want this decision to have a negative impact on their family but at the same time, they felt very drawn to taking that leap of faith.

Victoria and Dontaye decided to start small and work their way up to a big salon so they opened their salon suite in November 2019. It's been a little over a year and they know it’s one of the best decisions they've made together. She tells me, "It’s not always easy, but we have each other to lean on." They are equal partners in The Hair Tour, with Dontaye doing the marketing and finances while Victoria makes the women look and feel beautiful.

"Being business owners has really afforded us the opportunity to spend more time together and with our beautiful kids, Lily (6yrs) and Logan (3yrs). Our children know that this is a family business. We allow them to be a part of helping in small ways. It’s our dream to grow this business into something bigger that our kids can take over. We want them just as involved as we are."

When covid hit, the couple was terrified. Not only about the well-being of their family and loved ones but also about the state of the new business. The Hair Tour had only been open for 6 months when all nonessential businesses were shut down. They not only had to worry about their home but also how they were going to keep a business going that was actually not even open. Not knowing when they would return to the salon was a huge burden. A couple of weeks into the stay-at-home mandate, some of Victoria's amazing clients reached out asking to purchase gift cards and pre-pay for services to help keep the business afloat. What a blessing this was to the new business owners. The couple realized just how appreciated they were and it was an awesome feeling.

They waited a few weeks to open after the mandate was lifted. That way, they could see how things would play out. However, once they reopened, it was a true blessing. Not only did the two receive so much support from their current clients, but so many other people in the community began showing support as well.

Business at The Hair Tour has grown tremendously since opening back up. Clients see the pride Victoria takes in keeping the salon sanitized and safe, they are pleased and in turn tell their friends.

And now what you've been waiting for...what would Victoria choose as her superpower? She tells me that she would love to have the ability to make more time in the day. Being parents and business owners can be extremely exhausting. She often finds herself saying, "I wish I just had a couple more hours to get something done or get a nap in." Victoria and Dontaye's salon, The Hair Tour, is located in downtown Alpharetta right near city center. (11800 Haynes Bridge Road Suite 403) Their salon is inside the suites on the end of the Publix shopping center complex. Please consider paying these two a visit next time you're in need of a hairstylist. I give you my word that you will adore these two. They are absolutely the sweetest, funniest and really care about their clients. Find their website here: The Hair Tour Follow on FB here: FACEBOOK Follow on IG here: INSTAGRAM

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