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Shred 4/15

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Today I'm happy to introduce you to Shred 4/15 Alpharetta! I had the pleasure of meeting Ron and Melissa Cole when I first walked into their gym about a week ago and let me tell you, they are the MOST FUN (funnest?) people I've met in quite a while. Ron, Melissa and their two children moved to Milton in 2018 and one year later, in August of 2019, they opened Shred 4/15. They started off amazingly! And then nine months later? Covid hit. I'm going to tell you how they've adjusted to this new normal and I'm also going to fill you in on what inspired this husband and wife team to open in the first place. Ron says they've always enjoyed health and wellness and have believed from the start that there was something they were going to do in life to help people be better versions of themselves. They didn't want to be invested in someone else's business, instead they wanted to be business owners. As members of Shred back in St. Louis, they fell in love with the program and realized that owning their own gym was the perfect way to 1) be small business owners and 2) help the community to be better versions of themselves. When Covid came along? "It was like a hit to the gut", Ron says. The great news is? They had been focusing on the right things during those first nine months. The Cole Family was concentrating on building a community and the right feel between shredders that walked through their doors each day. As I visited with them, I immediately noticed that feeling of family. When members walked in or out of their gym? They were greeted by name. Melissa asked about their family. Ron knew their kids' names. It didn't feel like any other gym. This? Felt like a community. The Coles feel (as do I after witnessing their interactions with customers), that the feeling of family they created during those first nine months is what has kept them afloat during this last year. Of course, they've had to make some adjustments and things haven't been easy at all; however, they're still making it! Shred 4/15 has invested quite a bit in maintaining safety among staff members and shredders that attend classes. From masks to temperature checks, hand sanitizer to limiting class size; adjustments that, of course, all businesses have made. However, the thing that has perhaps changed the most is how COVID has taught them to be even more gracious and patient. Adjusting to not only a pandemic, but also how they react to a pandemic. Understanding that shredders may cancel due to sickness or have to rearrange their schedules because of virtual school. Ron says, "having a positive attitude that says 'if we just focus on the basics (family, being gracious, community), we will get through', that has been the hardest change."

The Coles have built an amazing place over at Shred 4/15. Their staff is just delightful and their workout? Phenomenal. Honestly, I walked into their gym thinking it would be just like any other place to workout. Boy. Was I wrong. It's absolutely fantastic. It feels just like a family. Does that sound cheesy? Maybe so, but it's true. I loved my first workout, but I liked the feeling of "this is my friend, Melissa" even more. Lastly, I always ask each small business owner one final question (this was my tween's idea), "If you were to pick a superpower, what would it be?" Ron's answer? "If I had to pick a superpower? I'm Superman, I'm flying." Well, Ron? I'd say you're most certainly flying. Please stop by and see Ron, Melissa and their staff over at Shred 415 Alpharetta. Their address is 5215 Windward Pkwy right across from Nothing Bundt Cakes. (that's convenient, huh? I pinky promise you will not regret it. You can find them on Instagram here: Shred 415 Alpharetta

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