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Rhythm n Shoes

Let me introduce you to Miss Peri! She owns Rhythm n Shoes Dance and it's just the most adorable studio I've seen! Miss Peri has two locations offering classes; The Alpharetta Rec Center as well as Bethwell Community Center (near the Cogburn/Hopewell roundabout and across from Countryside Pet Estates). Those are two perfect locations whether you're in Milton or Alpharetta.

From Miss Peri's own mom to Peri and now to her own daughter who is pictured above, dance is just in the genes, it appears.

Let's hear what inspired Miss Peri to open Rhythm n Shoes Dance.

She was raised as a recreational and competitive dancer; participating in various things such as State and County competitions, yearly recitals, and Miss Dance of California. Miss Peri graduated from SJSU with a BA in Child Development. Afterward, she taught in her mom's studio in California for about 15 years before moving to Georgia. Once here in North Fulton, she decided to marry those two passions, working with children and dance, in order to create her own business and continue that love of dancing. In 2001 Rhythm n Shoes became a reality.

When Covid hit, the studio shuttered its doors from March until summer. Unfortunately, that meant that the recital that the dancers worked so hard on all year? Canceled. However, in summer the studio was allowed to open again with strict Covid protocols in place, but the enrollment dropped by 3/4’s. In addition, as a dance teacher, Miss Peri is very involved with the dancers in helping them with posture and corrections, which, of course, has posed a challenge from 6 feet apart. Rhythm n Shoes does offer live Zoom classes also so that those dancers who want to continue their training can do so from the safety of their home.

image submitted by Rhythm n Shoes

Miss Peri's super power would be the ability to quickly connect with people and provide a safe environment for them to explore the art of dance.

After meeting Miss Peri it was clear right away that she absolutely loves little ones and has a passion for teaching. Her personality is just so kind, gentle and patient. Just the kind you need when working with children, right? Both studios are very easy to access and have great COVID protocols in place. I just loved meeting Miss Peri and visiting her Alpharetta location. The only problem is? I've aged out of all programs and have no tutu.

Rhythm n Shoes offers summer camps as well as weekly classes for kids ages 2-10. You can sign up with the City of Milton here: City of Milton Parks and Rec Sign up with Alpharetta Parks and Rec here: Alpharetta Parks and Rec Please remember Rhythm n Shoes when considering dance classes for your little ones. It's a super cute local small business and absolutely COVID safe. Plus, look how cute!!

image submitted by Rhythm n Shoes

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