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Nevada Weatherspoon - Pillar to Post

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Let me introduce you to one of the sweetest people out there. Once you meet Nevada? I promise you'll think so, too.

"Mom, can you please wear cooler looking pants?" Hey what can I say? I love my multi pocketed pants!

This mom of two worked in energy efficiency for the power company for 20 years. At first, she loved being a stay-at-home mom, but after about a year Nevada realized she missed interacting with customers. She truly enjoyed teaching people about their homes and while sitting in church one day, she leaned over and told her husband, "I think I want to become a home inspector". Nevada remembers that he nearly laughed, but that he was 100% onboard with it. After all, she was accustomed to completing home energy audits, so paying attention to the details in a home? That was second nature.

I knew it was going to be tough as a female in the business, but I was determined to be a success.

In all of the training courses and certifications classes she completed, Nevada was always the only female, but she tells me, "...that motivated me even more!". Now that she operates Pillar to Post she loves what she does each day and every home inspection is a new adventure for her. The most important thing is, she is able to tell clients the story of their home, that way they know exactly what they are investing their hard-earned money into. Of course, no house is ever perfect, but it’s perfect for someone’s family.

Nevada tells me that the best thing about operating her own business is being in control of the work schedule; never having to miss out on being a mom, wife, or best friend. I never have to sacrifice my kids' events or family time. Nevada is always there for her daughter's soccer games and actually if she knows your daughter? She's probably going to head to her game, too, even if it's a different club or high school. That's just the kind of person she is.

Yes, I went into the business for me, but I hope I am setting an example for my two daughters. I want them to know they can do anything they set their minds to. I want them to know that some barriers are meant to be pushed.

Nevada's oldest daughter graduated from college during covid and wasn’t able to complete her post-graduation plans. N'dea started going on inspections with her mom, just to give her something to do. Now she can’t imagine doing an inspection without N'dea at her side. She is the Crawl Space Lookout Girl and the Ultimate Spider Chaser!

How has COVID affected Nevada and Pillar to Post? COVID hit about three months into her starting the business and although it definitely made things different, it didn’t make it impossible. Nevada went from wanting to be seen and talking to everyone to asking clients to either not attend the inspection or come at the very end. COVID is now just a part of everyday life. Both clients and agents, as well as myself, don a mask and make it work. Just six feet apart! Nevada makes sure her eyes show her true emotions. Of course, we all want to know what Nevada's superpower of choice is, right?

I think I would want the power to duplicate myself when needed. I always want to do more than is humanly capable in a day and I want those things done my way, of course. In a typical day I am running in several directions trying to make as many people happy as I can. I want to be present for my family and friends as much as possible, but there all these daily task that need to be completed. Somewhere along the way a ball will be dropped and I’ll lose some sleep over it. If I could duplicate myself to take on those mundane tasks, I would be living my best life!

In this crazy real estate market that we're living in right now, you'll need a home inspector, and Nevada Weatherspoon, along with Spider Chaser N'dea, would love to meet you. There aren't many women home inspectors and there are even fewer black women home inspectors. Besides, you know women and their attention to detail? Nevada absolutely pays attention to details and she's extremely personable and honest. As I mentioned, I promise you'll love her. Please be sure to have a look at the website here: Nevada Weatherspoon Pillar to Post.

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