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Local Expedition Wood Fired Grill

If you're not craving some chicken, street corn and cilantro right now? You will be by the end of this post. Let's talk about Danny Kim and his crew over at Local Expedition Wood Fired Grill.

This delicious Alpharetta spot is on Windward Parkway across from Home Depot. Here you'll find fresh vegetables, salads, wraps, potstickers, yummy dessert pineapple and more. I promise you. This place never disappoints. When I stopped in the meet Danny, he was perfectly down to earth and so happy to see me. He treated me as if I were a guest in his home. Welcoming, kind (offered me something to drink and eat, just as if I were in his home kitchen) and absolutely funny.

Danny's reason for opening? His children. He and his wife spent years operating their catering business. He says that having four kids made them realize that they needed to make a change since the catering business can be very inconsistent. They opened their Alpharetta location five years ago and haven't looked back. In fact, he tells me, "when we opened five years ago, we would have never imagined having two stores and now looking for a third." Going on three locations in just five years! Now that? Should tell you how great the food, and service, really is at Local. One thing that I really wanted to know? Just what kind of food is this? Danny said that it's all the food you want to eat at home, but aren't sure how to cook for yourself. The Kim Family chose their menu items by selecting the most popular items served in their catering business. And seeing that there are always several families eating or grabbing family meals to go? I'd say that was an excellent idea. In fact, Danny says that his strong client base and loyal customers have been what's kept the restaurant open during COVID. Of course, I had to know what his superpower would be should he ever be granted superhero status. Mr. Kim says a great power is making anyone instantly happy for months at a time. "Too much stress in the world. Everybody should have happiness in their lives." I wonder if Danny Kim realizes that he's dishing out happiness one chicken wing at a time? I'm not sure about you, but the way to my heart is directly through my belly. I'd say Mr. Kim is pretty much a superhero at this point.

If you're ready for that grilled chicken, street corn and cilantro right now? Just head on over to Local Expedition Wood Fired Grill and they will fix you right up. They also have contactless pick-up. All you do is order online or by phone and complete your payment information. When you arrive, you'll see tables of insulated coolers. You'll just look for your name/receipt, sign, grab and go. It's super easy and...I said delicious already, right? The Local Expedition FB page is here: FACEBOOK Their IG page is here: INSTAGRAM The Alpharetta location is: 5315 Windward Parkway The Sandy Springs location is: 1110 Hammond Drive, Sandy Springs Happy Wednesday! I'll probably see you at Local Expedition.

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