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Raise your hand if you love adorable squishy newborns! *raises hand* Let me tell you all about Laura Brett with Laura Brett Photography. Hold on to your hats, people. This is about to get amazingly cute.

With over 3000 newborns captured since 2008, Laura takes great pride and care in capturing your newest love.

Yep. That says over 3000. You know what that means? It means she knows exactly what she's doing, is safe and has a huge love for babies.

I've followed Laura's work for years now and was so happy to finally meet her live and in person a few weeks ago! I was ever-so-slightly excited and I'm happy to report that she's just delightful and incredibly talented.

Laura is married to her high school sweetheart and is a Milton mom to three, one girl and two boys. She attended the College of Charleston and has a bachelor of science degree in business. And that? Comes in handy on a daily basis. Laura tells me that she "loves handling the business side of my job...I'm very task-orientated and working with sweet families is an added bonus!!” Laura worked commercially for Rubbermaid for a few years and later decided to branch out with her own photography business. These days, she specializes in newborn photography but loves capturing all ages, especially one year olds. And who doesn't love a one-year-old?!

(image courtesy of Laura Brett Photography)

Conveniently, Laura's studio is in her Milton home and she was sweet enough to give me the full tour a few weeks back. Let me say, it's the perfect spot and she has thought of everything. There are snacks, cozy seating for new parents, several different studio set-ups, a restroom, a play space/TV area for older kids while they wait, and even wardrobe items for expecting moms, newborns, and big brothers and sisters. I should also mention that Laura is completely sweet and laidback; making parents at ease and relaxed.

When Covid hit, Laura was unsure of how 2020 would look since she primarily works with babies under two weeks old. Surprisingly, once summer rolled around? Things were full steam ahead with some added precautions to keep our littlest clients extra safe.

(image courtesy of Laura Brett Photography)

Many of her clients said it was important for them to capture 2020, even though it was a “new normal” for us all. Laura's fall season was one of the busiest to date in 13 years! It's clear that her families feel safe in her studio and are over the moon happy with the end result. There were many blessings in disguise that came from 2020 and Laura says she is forever grateful for the lessons.

(image courtesy of Laura Brett Photography)

"If I had a superpower, it would be Time Travel. That would give me the ability to control the nature of time. Go back in time, fast forward and/or slow down time whenever I liked. I’d probably revisit the day our kids were born or meeting my husband for the first time in high school. Not the ability to go back and change anything, but more so freeze time."

How fitting that Laura chose the ability to time travel and freeze time, rather than change anything. That seems to be exactly what she's doing with her newborn photography. Parents who choose Laura to document their newest loves are not only given a piece of their heart to hang on the wall but also a moment of squishiness frozen in time forever.

(image courtesy of Laura Brett Photography)

Laura takes great caution when photographing her tiniest clients. She only offers one session per day. That way, she's able to properly sanitize, clean and reset the studio before the next business day. During sessions, Laura wears a mask, washes hands frequently and checks temperatures before clients even enter the studio. The safety of her newborn clients is of utmost priority. Laura (as well as myself after speaking to her and touring the studio) is extremely confident in the protocols that are in place.

A few things to keep in mind? Newborn sessions with Laura Brett Photography are about 2 hours in length and ideal for babies less than 2 weeks old. However, in cases where babies arrive early or perhaps need a NICU stay, she will make adjustments and happily proceeded with the session once everyone is released from the hospital. Laura has worked with babies up to 6 weeks old and she's still able to capture that curly newborn behavior (yep, she's *that* good). Some of her most favorite images are of peaceful wide-eyed little ones.

(image courtesy of Laura Brett Photography)

If you're expecting a sweet little one and are considering newborn photographers, I know that Laura will deliver incredible results. She has years of experience and safety training which means you can absolutely trust her with your babies. As a photographer myself, I can tell you that newborn photography is certainly not easy and takes loads of practice, talent, patience, training, and experience, and after meeting Laura I can promise you that she checks all of those boxes. Choosing Laura means she will consistently deliver gorgeous images and take extra caution while working with your family.

(image courtesy of Laura Brett Photography)

To learn more about Laura's work, packages, client reviews and booking information, please visit her site here: Laura Brett Photography.

You can follow her on FB here: FACEBOOK

You can follow her on IG here: INSTAGRAM

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