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Jorbana Lifestyle Boutique

"After 20 years in education followed by 5 years in corporate America, I found myself out of a job and struggling to find work during the Covid-19 pandemic."

Today, I'd like for you to meet Jill. She is the owner of Jorbana Lifestyle Boutique. She's been married to her high school best friend for more than 25 years, and the two of them have 4 amazing boys! Jill says her "life is loud and chaotic and busy", but she is immeasurably blessed and trying not to take one single day for granted.

In 2020, Jill decided to take a giant leap of faith and build her own business. She tells me that she's learned a lot on this journey and absolutely loves being an entrepreneur!

So why THIS business? For 13 years Jill co-ran a holiday gift shop at her children’s elementary school. She fell in love with curating items, setting up shop, and helping the little ones pick out that perfect gift for a loved one. It was a huge blessing for her to send students on their way out the door with huge smiles on their faces.

That experience laid the foundation for Jorbana: curate great items, set up shop, and leave customers with a smile on their faces.

How has Covid affected Jill? Well, it's really because of Covid that Jorbana Lifestyle Boutique was born. Unfortunately, like many others, Jill was laid off from her last corporate job 1 month before Covid hit. Initially, she spent some time trying to figure out what she wanted to do next, but during a pandemic employment options were scarce. It took Jill time, faith and a lot of courage to embrace entrepreneurship. She really believes that if Covid didn’t happen, Jorbana Boutique wouldn’t be here. So for that, she feels very blessed.

When I asked Jill what her superpower would be she replied, "I love this question! Rooted in my love and longing for travel, I would say my preferred superhero power would be to fly. I could easily, safely and quickly see the whole world!" You can shop Jorbana online here: Jorbana Lifestyle Boutique Join the private FB group here: FACEBOOK Follow on IG here: INSTAGRAM

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