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Fit 4 Mom

"Who opens a small business in the middle of a global pandemic?! ME!"

Jennifer is a native of Maine, where she lived & worked for most of her life and relocated to Atlanta in September 2011 for work. She's married to her husband Sean and they have an almost 5 year old daughter Miri, as well as two stepdaughters Sammi and Sloan. Jennifer and her family live in Alpharetta.

She spent over 20 years working in a corporate environment - most recently for a Global, Fortune 500 company. She, like many others, followed the traditional route: went to school, graduated with a Bachelors degree and set out to get "the job". She did pretty well following with that plan and was working as a VP of HR for one of the top companies in her industry by the time she reached her mid 30s. However, at the end of November 2018 she found herself at a crossroads when she was part of a restructuring.

*enter dramatic music*

Jennifer then decided to pursue her MBA from Syracuse University, something she had always wanted to do. About a year into the program, she started thinking about what she would do when she graduated. She always wanted to own her own business - and wanted to do something that fed her passions: wellness & fitness and all things motherhood.

Jennifer knew about Fit4Mom and jumped headfirst into researching the program. She really loved the focus on helping every mother find her Strength in Motherhood®. Fit4Mom provides fitness classes - but is so much more. The program provides moms with support, community and opportunity for self-care during pregnancy, postpartum and throughout every stage of their motherhood journey. They offer everything from prenatal-specific workouts, to Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre (for mom to come workout with her little ones), to Strides 360 focused on speed & agility and Body Well®, the 8 week program focuses on nutrition guidance & workout classes designed to support moms through a transformation, both mentally & physically.

"I think a lot of people see "Fit4Mom" and automatically think "stroller-based workouts for mom & littles". While that is certainly our original signature offering, we have programs for moms whether their children are 3 months old, 3 years old or 13 years old."

How has COVID affected Fit4Mom? When Jennifer bought the franchise she knew it was going to be work because it was a brand new territory - not a resale. The original plan was to open in late August / early September in order to align with kids returning to school in the fall. Guess who had other plans? COVID. When it became apparent that COVID was going to be around for a while, Jennifer had to think long and hard about these plans.

Ultimately, Fit4Mom opened in late September. Classes are often outside at various locations and mixed-use developments such as parks. She's been lucky to have an amazing group of Founding Mamas join in. Almost all of those mamas stayed with Fit4Mom through the winter months. That meant moving classes inside when it was very cold or rainy, and working out bundled up outside when it was sunny and temps were above 40. When inside, Jennifer does temperature checks and caps class sizes to ensure social distancing. Now with the arrival of spring, she's able to move back outside while still taking safety precautions. Attendees are spaced appropriately for social distancing, no one shares equipment, they always have hand sanitizer within reach, and everyone completes a daily, online questionnaire before class.

Jennifer's mantra through all of this has been Go Slow, Grow Slow; knowing that we WILL get through this. Moms still need community and a chance to get out and, if anything, they need it more now. Fit4Mom offers a safe alternative to get out of the house with the little ones or alone. They've also been able to start back up with playgroups, crafts, and events for both kids and moms.

And hey! Jennifer is excited to be expanding the offerings and locations! Classes at Vickery Village and Fowler Park will continue, however, a third location will be available in April! Fit4Mom is currently looking to hire instructors to grow the team!

And, just for fun, what's Jennifer's superpower of choice? She tells me, "I would love the ability to make people believe in themselves with a snap of my fingers. We can all do hard things. We can all make changes. We are all doing the best we can. A little bit of grit and a whole lot of grace can get us so far!

You can find Fit4Mom online and schedule a class here: FIT4MOM Find Fit4Mom on FB here: FACEBOOK

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