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Evimero Marketplace

Evimero - to thrive; to prosper Today I'd like to introduce you to Natalia Beley. Natalia owns Evimero Marketplace on Canton Street in downtown Roswell. I had the chance to pop over to check out the store and chat with her for a bit. And I'll say, Natalia is absolutely the sweetest and I adore her shop!

Evimero Market has an online presence (this is how Natalia started, actually) as well as the cutest little brick and mortar store. Inside and online you'll find handmade items from local artisans as well as products from around the world. Natalia's main goal is to help artisans thrive in the places they live and work and raise their families. I love that she supports vendors who are dedicated to doing something for social good; both worldwide and right around the corner. Natalia says she was inspired to open Evimero Marketplace after reading the book Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline. With a background in the fashion industry, Natalia felt she knew quite a bit about production and apparel manufacturing. However, Cline's book really opened her eyes to what the cost is to the human capital side of apparel production as well as how it affects the environment. Natalia always hoped to open her own store and quickly realized that owning a small business filled with locally sourced, hand-made items was her happy place.

(two pigs pottery) Evimero's online store was launched at the beginning of March 2020. And we all know what happened next, right? The world shut down. She used this time to build the online presence and build relationships with community artisans. After sharing on Facebook in local groups, Natalia realized just how many wonderful hand-made items were right here in Milton and Alpharetta. And although the site was up and running, her heart was always set on a brick and mortar store where she could talk to customers and get to know the people in her community. Then came the brick and mortar store in August of 2020. Did I say it's adorable? Natalia says she "works hard to find unique items and products from artisans that are involved in some sort of social entrepreneurship". She also does a wonderful job promoting her vendors and spreading the word about their items online and in person. As for COVID and its effect on Natalia's store? Well, she chose to open during a pandemic. How about that for courageous? She told me that she's been fortunate The good news is, she doesn't have a baseline. So if customers are supporting Evimero Marketplace during a pandemic, then "it can only go up from here, right?" Natalia says, "If I can make it work in 2020? I know I can make it work any other time."

(Bernice London Leather)

Of course, I had to know what her superpower would be should she ever be chosen to be a superhero. Her choice? Super stretchy arms. That way, when her kids ask where something is she can just grab it and hand it over. And oh goodness, if you're a parent you know that's a very practical superpower to have. Evimero Marketplace has products from makers who are doing something for the greater good and by bringing one maker in, she's in turn, helping another small business. She's very much involved and connected to the artisans she supports and can tell you all about each and every maker in her shop. I encourage you to stop in over at Natalia's shop and also check out her makers online. You're sure to find a unique treasure! You can find Evimero Marketplace online here: Evimero Marketplace On Facebook here: Evimero Marketplace Facebook And on Instagram here: Evimero Marketplace Instagram The address for the brick and mortar store is: 1072 Canton Street, Roswell

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