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Happy weekend! I have to introduce you to the most adorable family!!

A few days back, I met Josie and her boys. She, along with her sister who lives out of state, owns and operates ECCO-Kits, (Explore Create Connect Observe). These are themed sensory bins for kids. They are so fun!! Josie's kits are colorful, filled with various textures, and follow the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS). Children can be gently guided through lessons and not even realize it. Sneaky and amazing, huh? ECCO-Kits offers two types of sensory bins. The CORE bins come with a perfect resource card with tips on free play, guided activities and reading suggestions to compliment the kit. Again, these CORE kits are all based on Georgia Early Learning Development Standards.

How perfect is that for free play and teachable moments?! These CORE kits come in four different themes: Dinosaur, Ice Cream, Mammal and Space. ECC-Kits also offers mini kits and limited seasonal kits. I met Josie at her home office and as soon as I walked in? I fell in love with the product and the entire story. Not to mention the involvement that her boys have in creating the kits. In fact, the reason she created ECCO-Kits is because of her son. Her smallest boy (nearly 6 now) was struggling a bit in school and his teachers suggested he begin occupational therapy. It was during his OT, that Josie realized how guided play activities were so beneficial for him. If these activities were helpful to her son, they surely are beneficial to all kids! That's when ECCO-Kits were born and Josie started to jazz them up! She and her sister brainstormed and came up with the Core Kits no offer. Again, these kits use the GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Developmental Standards) to target specific age-appropriate skills. Of course with COVID, she was forced to cancel a few in-person events (interactive storytimes and birthday parties) at the beginning of the pandemic. When parents were finding new ways to entertain and teach kids while at home, Josie also had a huge surge in demand. However, there was trouble sourcing materials and she faced a lot of shipment delays, boxes being one of them. Can't make a sensory kit without a bin! Josie says the superpower she would love to have? "I'd definitely borrow Mary Poppins' ability to snap and make everything spotless!! While my kids have free range of art supplies and materials - oh the messes at the end of the day!"

As I was leaving, Josie kindly gifted my 5 year old (also named Josie!) with one of her mini kits (The Mitten found here). I am here to tell you that little kids LOVE these kits. My Josie has asked "Where's my animal mitten box?" every day since. It really is a great product and the children don't even realize they're learning. Lastly, I love the fact that Josie's boys are so involved in creating the boxes with her. During my visit, they came to her with 2 or 3 new ideas for her latest sensory box that accompanies the book Dragons Love Tacos. It was so fun to see them all interacting with each other about the bins. Not only is this a great product, but they all believe in the product. I loved seeing that.

You can find the online store for ECCO-Kits here: ECCO-Kits shop Please like ECCO-Kits on FACEBOOK here: ECCO-Kits FB Page Like them on INSTAGRAM here: Ecco Kit's IG Page I hope you loved meeting Josie and her boys. Please shop small and support local businesses!

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