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"I have always loved fitness (I was an athlete growing up) so to me, it was natural to want to go to the gym and workout."

Kolleen Losch had a neighbor that wanted to work out but had really bad knees. She was tired of going to physical therapy and was looking for a gym or trainer that understood her limitations. Kolleen realized there wasn’t a gym offering training for people who didn’t fit the “fitness norm” so she got her certifications just so that she could help her friend. After that one person, she began offering fitness classes in a local park and in the elementary school parking lot. Things started to really 'work out' and Kolleen then decided it was time to open her first standing location. It's hard to believe that that was 10 years ago. The Milton mom of 5 added a second location 2 years ago. It's in that very downtown Alpharetta location where she continues to train clients who come to Core 57 with restrictions. It's evident that Kolleen is truly dedicated to each and every client as a unique member of the Core Tribe.

"We now allow 50% fewer clients into our classes to stay within social distancing guidelines. We have offered virtual classes to our clients who do not feel comfortable returning yet."

Learning to adjust during COVID has been a challenge for sure. After being shut down for months, Core 57 had to adjust our policies and how trainers work with clients. The biggest change Kolleen has seen as we are approaching the one-year mark is in people’s diets. Core 57 also offers nutrition counseling to help clients learn better ways to feed themselves and their families.

Kolleen tells me that she likes not having a superpower. That it's likely too much pressure to try and keep everyone safe. Being a mom of 5 she feels that pressure daily.

However, if she were to choose any power, it would be the ability to help people overcome addiction. Kolleen has seen so many people suffer from so many types. Remember that Core 57 has two locations! Downtown Alpharetta in the city center as well as a Milton location on Hwy 9 (just north of El Don and Christain Bros. Automotive).

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