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Cheeses + Mary

At the very start of the virus and shelter-in-place, we found ourselves on the receiving end of this generous community we call home", Mary.


At Crabapple Fest in October of 2011, Mary Mayer launched Cheeses and Mary and she hasn't looked back. In fact? Since day one she's done nothing but keep our bellies full and our hearts happy; all with cheese and a sweet smile. Not to mention the friendliest personality and beautiful presentations to match. How about I let Mary tell you, in her own words, what inspired her to open? "Why did I open Cheeses & Mary? That is a very long and wonderful story! Suffice to say, my ten years as a follower of Cheeses was and still is, divinely inspired. God will use any means to reach us and He has a tremendous sense of humor. My life wasn't grate when I started the cheese biz, it was filled with holes and yes, a little stinky. I was searching for a place to wedge my whey in. I am eternally grateful to Jody & Larry Green and the opportunity to grow with Cheeses in the back of the Broadwell Cottage. Those early days were extraordinarily fun and challenging. I knew nothing about cheese, retail or running my own business. I learned and I grew; like a fine wheel of fromage, the aging process has been richly rewarding."

Mary has a passion for good food and a desire to support the farmers who make pasture to plate possible. She partners with local businesses as well as small-batch producers. By doing that, she can provide a quaint farmers market-type feel right in your own home or private event. All of Mary's products are handmade just for you by neighbors that surround you every day. The presentations are just lovely and her boxes are uniquely designed with great attention to detail.

How has COVID affected this yummy business?

Mary tells me that requests poured in from her long-time supporters as well as new customers. Everyone was looking for Cheeses in all the right places. She had to things up a bit and set up a station right outside of the shop. That way, Mary was able to provide completely contact-less service and, from a distance, still wave her friendly hand to all those patrons. Quaran-Cheese boxes were delivered all over Atlanta! Mary also engaged in multiple ZOOM Taste of Georgia Cheese Tastings and Wine Pairing Events. Which, by the way, she is still doing. The great news is that Cheeses and Mary's business remained steady, and even increased, although the store was only open to the public for just a few hours each week. Mary tells me that she is "embracing this new-new and moving to a virtual business model beginning in March." Please know that although her brick and mortar shop will close on February 27th, she will continue to provide Georgia Gift Boxes, Cheese & Charcuterie Boards, Tasting & Pairing Events as well as Pop up Shops; all as safety and wellness permits. Mary isn't going anywhere, folks. Just switching to virtual!

Did you know? Eating at least an ounce and a half of cheese every day reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke?

My goodness. Mary is keeping us both happy and healthy. All with the sweetest personality, product, and presentation.

Finally, and I know you're all on pins and needles to know...what is Mary's superpower? It's faith! Absolutely it's her faith. That's her heart, drive, and motivation for all things Cheeses. With a superpower like that one, who would expect her business to be named anything but Cheeses and Mary? Please be sure to follow Cheeses and Mary online at the links below. The best way to reach Mary and place orders is through email: or by calling her directly at 678-558-1414. Please do not place orders through Instagram or Facebook as we all know how those messenger messages fly up into space, never to be seen again.

You can find Cheeses and Mary online here: WEBSITE Please follow and like her Facebook page: FACEBOOK

And you can find her on Instagram here: INSTAGRAM

It was a delight to meet Mary in her shop I hope you get to meet her really soon, too. She's just as wonderful as those custom cheese plates she designs.

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