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We truly value the relationships we have with our customers. They have certainly become our friends.

Andrea Verhoff worked in corporate America for 15 years. However, with 3 daughters who kept her running with competitive activities, it was time to build a business at home. Andrea has always had an inner drive to own her own business one day, so making the transition to being an entrepreneur just seemed like the next logical step. That's when she launched AV Designs, beautiful, lightweight earrings and cuffs that Andrea makes herself. And why jewelry?

The start of this business really came from my own desire to maintain a certain level of style.

Remember those extremely heavy earrings we all used to wear? Well, that is just not possible anymore. The bad news is that heavy accessories have a great force on the earlobe and result in those earring holes becoming larger and stretched. The good news? Andrea has created extremely lightweight earrings. And? You don't have to sacrifice style; they are gorgeous! The perfect accessories to meet the style needs of the sophisticated and trendy women in our community. AV Designs has been blessed to create lovely accessories (by hand!) for almost 5 years and Andrea tells me that she has, "truly loved every minute of the journey." The business has allowed her more time with her young girls; "time that can never be replaced," she says. Her family has watched and cheered her on in every facet of the business. They've witnessed her create designs and marketing campaigns, as well as boutique packaging ideas and delivery. She's quite the role model, businesswoman for her own little girls; building a business from the ground up all while they watched (and helped!) and cheered her on.

We worked to create an enjoyable online experience while building out a social presence to communicate new designs and promotions to our customers.

This fantastic little jewelry business was built through relationships which means, before COVID Andrea engaged with her customers through private events. She also participated and had much success in heavily populated venues and markets. AV Designs did very well with this sort of business model. Of course, COVID came along and impacted the personal way Andrea interacted with her clients. That customer experience has now been switched to an online presence. Andrea and her husband focused their attention on building a website. That decision has certainly expanded her national reach and has allowed local friends a way to enjoy the boutique shopping experience they've come to expect from AV Designs.

"We truly value the relationships we've made with our customers. In fact, they've become great friends over the years. Our hope is to continue to provide stylish and lightweight handmade designs for them to enjoy."

If Andrea had any superpower she wanted, what would it be? Guys, she thought of a

really good one! Andrea could really use some hands like those of Edward Scissorhands.

Since she makes all of her pieces on her own, it sure would be helpful if she had built-in blades she could cut and fringe leather at crazy speeds in mass production. Now, listen up all you stylish and adorable neighbors of Milton and Alpharetta! It's time you check out AV Designs. I have to say, after seeing Andrea's pieces in person, I was surprised and impressed at just how lightweight all of the designs are. No more heavy earrings that uncomfortably pull. Not to mention, she has such an attention to detail and design. From leather to acrylic, cuffs and tassel necklaces, I promise that you'll love them all!

Find AV Designs online her: WEBSITE FOR REALLY GREAT SHOPPING Follow AV Designs on FB: FACEBOOK Follow AV Designs on IG: INSTAGRAM Thank you for supporting Andrea's small business. You'll be lookin' good in no time!

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