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A2 Online Marketing

Today I'm introducing you to Renee Huepper, owner of A2 Online Marketing right here in Milton.

A2 has filled a need for small businesses that don’t have a large budget for social media, but also don’t have the time to do it right and consistently themselves.

Renee was inspired to start A2 Online Marketing Georgia after being a business owner herself and seeing how hard it was to find the time to grow the business while simply trying to manage it. Not only are business owners responsible for every single task involved in running a business but they are also expected to be experts in these tasks. They need to be an accountant, human resources, marketing, merchandising, sales and so much more, all while making their business unique. The day-to-day tasks of running a business often don’t leave the time commitment needed to create unique content on a consistent basis. Social Media however is a necessary element to any business’ online presence. And? It's free advertising.

Renee becomes a true extension of the businesses of her clients, taking the time to learn about them, the image they want to project and to speak in their “voice.” A2 posts organically, even taking photos and videos, and creates unique content to drive engagement. Renee keeps the customers informed and helps with special events. She truly cares about helping her clients grow their businesses.

Just like any other small business, A2 has not only made adjustments of their own during COVID, they also helped clients make needed changes. Clients that were considered essential, such as HVAC and plumbing companies, Renee helped to get the word out to customers about how they were cleaning their equipment, checking their employees for temperatures and what safety measures they adopted when coming inside homes. Things changed at a fast pace as new information came out. Being a true extension of their business meant we had to change at that pace as well.

Let's say Renee had a superpower, what would that superpower be? Renee tells me that she would like the superpower of being able to bring people joy in the everyday. She says, "What comes to mind when I think of this is the complete happiness that emanates from my dog when I come home. I could be gone for a half an hour or 3 hours, and he is still over the moon that I have returned back to him. This is the joy I would love to share with others in the everyday, not just on special occasions or trips. If we could find these things in our lives, simple pleasures, things that make us feel great, we could be happier in general." It's so interesting to see how these small business owners unknowingly choose a superpower that's directly related to the services they offer their clients. A2 gives their clients a few hours away from work by taking over one of their many tasks, social media. Because of that, they're given the chance to enjoy some time away from work and to ease the burden of getting it all done. In that way, A2 is spreading joy around each day.

If you're looking for help with online marketing, please remember Renee Huepper with A2 Online Marketing. I know she would appreciate your support of her small business. You can find her at the links below.

Find A2 Online Marketing website here: WEBSITE

Find her on FB here: FACEBOOK

Find her on IG here: INSTAGRAM

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