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3:8 Juice and Eatery

Today I want to introduce you to The Graham Family! John and Leslie Graham own and operate 3:8 Juice and Eatery on Windward Parkway. They are in the same shopping complex as Nothing Bundt Cakes and Chipotle. Almost right in the middle of those two. And I'll just tell you now? Their juices are DELICIOUS. I popped in a few days back to talk with Leslie about her inspiration for opening, how COVID has affected the business and, our fun and favorite question, What superpower would you love to have? About seven years ago, Leslie says she watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary on juicing and how to stay healthy in an unhealthy world. She and John decided to give juicing a try. Once they started changing their diets, incorporating juicing into their meals, and avoiding processed foods? They saw drastic changes in their health. No more gout, fatty livers, and so on. Not to mention, they overall just felt so much better.

After a bit of time into their new lifestyle, a friend asked what they were doing to change their lives the way they had. The friend decided to try as well and his results were also life-changing. He lost weight and was able to come off of blood pressure medicine after 13 years. Leslie was hooked. She began working at Robek's Juice. Which is actually where 3:8 is currently. Can you guess where this story is going? After about a year of working at the store, the owner asked The Grahams if they wanted to take over the franchise. However, after realizing that being franchise owners isn't exactly what they had in mind, they chose to take over the space as their own. They worked hard as a family to rebuild the store, create their own brand and develop their own products. With their main goal being to provide good healthy food and to help people understand the link between food, diet and health.

Did I already say it's yummy? John and Leslie just celebrated their 4 year anniversary as business owners. However, due to COVID, their traffic has decreased because many of their customers work in office buildings up and down Windward Parkway. Which, of course, many of those businesses have their employees working from home. So at this time, they are doing about half of what they are accustomed to. We should change that, don't you think?

They are still whipping up yummy soups, salads, bowls, smoothies and pressed juices (my favorite!), but they would certainly love to see more smiling faces walk into the store. So head on over and grab a treat from the Graham Family. Try the 3:8 Breakfast juice or the My Oh My Pitaya Bowl. I promise you won't be disappointed. And hey! Tell them I sent you. Lastly, I asked Leslie to tell me what her superpower would be if she were a superhero. Her response? Wonder Woman. Because she feels, as Wonder Woman does, that she wants to protect our community and keep us all safe. Leslie's way of doing that is by providing good, healthy food to her customers and helping us all understand the correlation between food and health. I'd say she's certainly a Wonder Woman. Thank you for reading all about 3:8 Juice and Eatery You can find them on FB here: FACEBOOK And Instagram here: INSTAGRAM

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