What's the Live Love Local Project? 

Hi! I'm Melissa. I'm a local mom, owner of Melissa Gibson Photography and creator of The Live Love Local Project.

A little background information, first, okay? I started The Milton Front Steps Project in March of 2020. During this project, I photographed over 130 families on their front porches. Whew! Was I tired. In return, the families donated any amount of money to Meals by Grace. In less than two weeks (9 days actually), myself along with two photographer friends (Jen Oseid Photography and Angie Browning Photography) raised 10K for charity! Upon finishing that Big Thing of Fun, I was left wondering what else I could do to unite our little community. After months and months of going back and forth in my mind...and heart...I finally decided to listen to God and just take on this next big project. 

And that? Is where the Live Love Local Project comes in. I've decided to do something similar to The Front Steps Project, but for small businesses exclusive to those serving the communities of Milton and Alpharetta. It's on my heart to introduce you to our town. To let residents get to know these small local businesses and recognize their faces as they step in. To make us become more connected and feel like one big family. As a small business owner myself (we operate a commercial landscape company as well), I know how rewarding, and also tiresome, it is; that's why I want to show off the owners, their business, and their family.

Live, Love, Local.

So! How does it work?  Well, each week I spend about 30 minutes with a business owner. I take a handful of photos in front of Their Pride and Joy and chat it up a bit. They get all the images that I take (unless their eyes are closed or their tongue is sticking out for some weird reason) at no charge whatsoever. This is entirely complimentary. As I said, I want to do this as a way to connect our community and ask for nothing in return. The images and story will be highlighted on the website and IG page. It will also be shared in local FB groups. My hope is that it brings loads of business and friendly faces to our family-owned businesses. 

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